December 23, 2013

end of semester.

GUYZ. How is the semester over? It's bitter sweet. Here are a few things to sum up the end of the semester:
Well it snowed a ton right after thanksgiving break. It was very cold. negative sixteen degrees. ew.
We went sledding and played in the snow a lot.
We pranked our fhe brothers. They were all gone so it was perfect. We put all of their matresses to the front and basically just messed up their whole apt....oops.
This is my first drawing in the class and my best drawing in the class. See any improvement? haha. This class was a struggle for me sometimes because I am not really a drawer but it made me go outside of my comfort. I love my major and learning different things. I never would have thought I could draw a head haha. Classes were good this semester. I really like my major and I am excited to improve more. my grades weren't bad either.
Just some pretty snow pictures.
So we ate at mcdonalds a lot past curfew...where else do you hang out?
Last fhe! The whole ward went to fat cats for bowling and mini golf. I love and miss my brothers so much.
Our last night in Rexburg we went to mckydees. obvi. Leo came over after and idk what happened after that. let's just say I got no sleep finals week.
Okay so y o l o moment here. I drove to salt lake with leo to catch my flight on thursday. we were at lunch before my flight took off and then I got a text saying my flight got canceled. and i'm like uhhh how am i getting home. So I ended up just driving to california with leo and then flying out of ontario on saturday. There weren't any flight until monday out of salt lake and cali sounded fun so YOLO. We stopped and hung out with one of leo's mission buddy's and then left salt lake at 5ish, which means we didn't get into california until 3am. haha. It was a long drive but it was fun. A midnight we were in vegas and leo took me out to the strip. it was a cultural shock and so fun.
California was so nice and warm. It was too short of a visit. leo's family is so nice and gosh i love his nephew and niece. Leo took me to chicken and waffles for breakfast, i know it sounds weird but it was so good! It was in the ghetto and all the blacks were looking at me haha so funny. We hung out at his house and played with his niece and nephew. We went to their spanish ward christmas party, it was a fiesta! haha I love the mexican culture, everyone is so nice. too bad i cant speak spanish...they were probably all talking about me...Saturday morning we went on a hike. It was really pretty. So nice not to wear a jacket for once. I was really sad to leave. This semester ended up being so different from what I thought it was going to be. no regrets though. I have learned a lot and met some amazing people. Big shout out to leo for doing anything for us, like taking us to the store or just hanging out with us. haha he was our only friend basically. I'm going to miss my leotard! I already miss this semester, I didn't think I would but it's weird that it's over. I can't believe I leave for Jerusalem in just 14 days. I'm freaking out just a little bit.

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  1. First of all: you are an amazing drawer. Someone told me just the other day how they thought the drawings you posted on fb were incredible. Second of all: what does this mean? "Leo came over after and idk what happened after that." uhhhhhhhh whaaat?