November 1, 2013

it's fall y'all.

So how is fall almost over? Sorry I haven't posted in forever. I can't believe this semester is already halfway over. Bittersweet. It has been a really good semester. I love everything about fall. The changing leaves, dance parties, blue skies, halloween, pumpkins, hot chocolate, haunted houses. Just everything. I have met some awesome people this semester too. I like most of my classes. I love my photography class. I love how I get to take pictures for homework. I joined a volleyball team with brady and his roommates, we lost our game last night...but I still had fun. don't worry we will get better. Last night was like the best halloween ever. The uprising dance was so fun. I can't wait for the paint fight! I'm really excited to go home for thanksgiving. I miss seattle and my fam. oh and my roommate carly got engaged! crazy! I am so happy for her! I'm sad I won't be able to go to her wedding though. well until next time. here are some pictures of my life.
|| Sammy's ||
|| I saw Allread live again with brady! for the third time! ||
|| GTFO ||
|| carved pumpkins for fhe ||
|| we went to the apple orchard and make caramel apples for a relief society activity ||
|| haunted mill ||
|| it was so nice outside so we went to porter park and played football, in shorts and a tshirt, and week later it snowed. ||
|| nerds for halloween ||
|| this is why i love fall ||
|| i love shooting, thank you rye ||
|| brady caught a fish! ||
|| happy halloween, UPRISING ||
|| Brady and i went to the temple today, i love that place ||

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