October 9, 2013

weekend in utar.

So this past weekend I drove down to utah! Gosh it was like only the best weekend ever. Brady, Kelsey, Carly and I drove down Thursday night. We slept over at Carly's house in layton that night. We went to some mexican place for breakfast burritos. It was way yummy. I love carly's family. especially Nick <3

Friday morning we went to Salt Lake and spent all day there. We went to this really yummy hot chocolate place, called hatch family chocolates. Kelsey, Carly and I then went shopping for hours at city creek. It was great and terrible at the same time. We spent way too much money. Then the boys came and we went to temple square and then to this really good belgian waffle place. We then went to the johnstons to see their haunted house in their garage. It was very well put together. We only really got to talk to Holly because the kids were busy scaring people. We then hung otu with tori and plans kind of failed but people came over and we went to this old castle thing. I don't really know what it was for. But then the cops came...We tried to run and hide but it didn't work. haha it was actually way fun. The cop wasn't even mad. We weren't supposed to be there after dusk. Then Kelsey, Brady and I went to Inn-n-out. Gosh so good. We went back to Tori's and Megan came over. I love those girls. We slept over there.
Saturday morning we went out to breakfast to kneaders with Haley Bird. She is also going to Jerusalem next semester! I'm so excited I know someone! She seems super awesome. Kneaders was so good. I swear all I did was eat this weekend. Then I went to my sister's and watched conference there all day. Conference was so good this year. I did some homework and Tracie came over. Always so good seeing her. Brittany made food all day. Gosh dang I need to work out. We made this yummy soup from olive garden. And cheese bread. We then went to this haunted forest thing in American Fork. Ryan, Angela, Felipe, Kelsey, Brittany, Brian, Brady and I all went. It was really fun. It was expensive but worth it. It was so long and really cool. That night we found out we got conference tickets for sunday morning from Angela's family! Brady, Kelsey and I got to go!!
So Sunday morning we went to conference. We had to wake up real early and it was miserable. But all worth it. Brittany made us crepes, she is just too nice to me when I come to visit. Sunday morning was definitely my favorite session. All of the Apostles were so inspired. We got to hear President Monson speak. His talk was so sad. You can really tell how much he loved his wife. So sweet. We then ran into the johnstons after conference! I love them! It made my day seeing them! Seriously such a good day. We also ran into our Rexburg friends! Sadly My camera deleted the pictures we have with them :( I am so grateful I got to go to conference. I didn't think I was going to be able to. I am so thankful for the Prophet and general conference. It was so good to hear all of the good speakers. The church really is true. We then went back to Brady's to watch the afternoon session. I was so out of it though. His mom made us a really good dinner. I love homemade food! We then drove back to the burg. It was sad leaving. Now school time...ugh where's the weekend?

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  1. that looks like the best weekend. Forever 21 is thee best store ever!