September 12, 2013


JERUSALEM?? i'm going to be there this winter? wait what!? is this real life?? So I just had my interview for the Jerusalem Center for near Eastern Studies this morning while I am here in provo. The interview went well and was so easy! At the end of it she said I was officially accepted!!! I didn't know I would find out today!! I was trying so hard not to scream!! I am SO excited!!! i am so grateful for this opportunity. I will be leaving january 7 and coming home April 24! This couldn't be more perfect. Like look how beautiful it is!! I might go a little crazy on pictures...I can't wait for this experience. I am so excited to learn and grow. I will be learing hebrew! how cool is that? It has been a long application process and I am finally done! thank you mom for helping me get all my paper work done! I wouldn't be going without you. another bonus is I don't have to be in the cold winter in rexburg. SCORE. I'm ready to learn about the culture and art. I can't wait to study the old and new testament where Jesus walked. Time to buy long skirts, long tshirts, and lose/long pants!! #feelingblessed
This is a picture of the Jerusalem Center. It is gorgeous. I can't believe I get to go here. I CAN'T WAIT <3

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