September 10, 2013

goodbye sammamish.

So update on my life this past week. It was my last week in Sammamish, because tomorrow I leave for Provo. I am staying there for two days and then I'm off to Rexburg on Friday.
 Wednesday nights in Sammamish means the farmer's market. I hadn't gone yet this summer and it's one of my favorite parts of summer. So I called up Jill (bffjill) and we took Sarah. We got the usual big donut and honey sticks. Also this delicious shaved ice as seen above. Seriously so good.
 Thursday I spent the whole day writing my missionaries. 8 LETTERS. it took so long but they are worth it. it was kind of fun too. I havent written most of them letters so it was good. and i figure i won't need to write them for another year right? haha. anyways on friday I started to feel sick. my parents took me to my favorite place, lanponi. My parents are the nicest people I know, really. they sure do like to pda though. like stop kissing in front of me! haha it was nice being with my parents without all my siblings.
 Later that night I went to see the One Direction movie with the twins. It was actually really good! i mean they get you hooked, just like the justin bieber movie. kelsey was freaking out the whole time haha. she even clapped at the end #embarrassing
 Sunday we had stake conference. there are 67 missionaries serving from my stake, it's so crazy! also random, so our red suburban who has been through a lot finally broke down on high adventure this summer. It was really sad for my dad. So on sunday he was looking online for suburbans and he found one that was pretty cheap. and so he drove down to look at it and bought it the same day! haha. my dad really wanted a suburban, we need one for boating and skiing. So yeah the car is very nice, it is a 2007 and my family is really excited about it!
 Monday morning my parents left for an alaskan cruise, it was funny because my mom didn't really want to go. So I am now the mom for a couple days. Monday I went to the rootbeer store and chipotle with jillian and we took it to idywood park. the weather was amazing and NO ONE was at the park it was so weird because normally it is crowded. we were there for a while just talking and swimming. i freaking love jillian, she is going to be an amazing missionary. we met some really cute blonde kids there who LOVED us. so we played with them for a while. they were so cute! I then I drove rachel and sarah around and went to the gym. i'm going to miss golds gym. my goal this next semester is to work out at least 3 times a week! if not more! and to eat healthy. later jillian, dakota, and kelsey came over to watch a movie. we said goodbye to jill or 2 years. So sad. I'm going to miss her.
Today kelsey, dakota and I went to sammamish landing for one last goodbye to dakota. It's weird saying goodbye to my missionary friends, but i am definitely used to it now. dakota is a cutie and such a gentleman. I thought he was going to cry saying goodbye to us. presh.

I am so excited for fall semester. I can't wait to live on my own again and to make new friends. It's weird that summer is finally over. I didn't think it was going to ever end. I have been home for 5 months. It was really fun and adventurous that's for sure though. I'm just really excited to start a new chapter in my life and see what this year has to bring :)

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