September 3, 2013

g+g spoil me.

My grandma and grandpa fisher wanted to do something with me before i leave for school. i really wanted to go to the aquarium and chihuly exhibit this summer and so they took me! yay and for free! it was good but a long day with them. i dont think i have ever been alone with them, at least not for a long time. they are funny thats for sure. they had it all planned out so i just let them handle it. they gave me "back to school" gift. i got scarves and money! and the scarves are actually cute!
so we drove to issaquah to take the bus. we first went to the aquarium. they were feeding the octopus when we got there. it was pretty cool. the animals were so pretty. i love touching the star fish and other animals. i took lots of pictures of course. the seals were new to the aquarium. we got to watch them do a little demonstration. they brought out mirrors but they didnt really react to it...anyways it was fun and then we went to ivars for lunch. we then took a taxi to the seattle center. we then went to the chihuly exhibit. SO COOL.
okay isn't that just beautiful?!?! i loved it!! well i am watching the great gatsby now with kelsey and jillian so i got to go! i love it when i get spoiled!

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