September 22, 2013

back in the burg.

So I am back!! It's so weird being back in the burg. It brings back so many memories. I miss all my friends that are all on missions! But I am already making lots of friends! It was a rocky start of the semester with personal problems...oh man drama. I hate drama but everything is fine now. I am so excited for this semester.
So I am already loving my major. I mean I get to take pictures for homework??? Wait really?! I'm in heaven! I have a load of classes and homework though. Oh man easy freshman year is over and on to the hard stuff. I'm taking a head drawing class and i have to draw heads from real life for 9 hours a week...I CAN'T EVEN DRAW. bless my soul. it's fun though and my friend christina is in two of my classes! we went out and took pictures after getting lunch on friday! she is the nicest. 
Friday night we went we went to the annual Sammy's Block Party! It was SO fun and just what I needed! we were in the front and dancing so crazy. and then we went to snoasis. oh man have i missed that place. it reminds me so much of freshman year. 
Saturday was probably the best day of the semester. My fhe bro/hubby has a boat and he got to bring it down for the weekend! it was so fun!! I love my fhe bros!! i feel like i have already known them forever. gosh we were so hyper i hope we didn't scare some of them off. dance parties on the dock + watermelon + boating + swimming = a good time ya'll. the water was so cold but it was really refreshing. me and carly went tubing and it was so funny cause carly was freaking out the whole time haha. we are obsessed with our bro leo, he is our gay friend because he has a girlfriend so we can't have him. i love college. i love my roomies. life is great. i made tacos today. they were good. i love our ward. it is huge! our bishop is so cute. it will be a good semester. i mean 3 boys have already gotten my number! but zero have cross your fingers people!! jk i'm not that desperate. peace out boy scout.

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