September 22, 2013

back in the burg.

So I am back!! It's so weird being back in the burg. It brings back so many memories. I miss all my friends that are all on missions! But I am already making lots of friends! It was a rocky start of the semester with personal problems...oh man drama. I hate drama but everything is fine now. I am so excited for this semester.
So I am already loving my major. I mean I get to take pictures for homework??? Wait really?! I'm in heaven! I have a load of classes and homework though. Oh man easy freshman year is over and on to the hard stuff. I'm taking a head drawing class and i have to draw heads from real life for 9 hours a week...I CAN'T EVEN DRAW. bless my soul. it's fun though and my friend christina is in two of my classes! we went out and took pictures after getting lunch on friday! she is the nicest. 
Friday night we went we went to the annual Sammy's Block Party! It was SO fun and just what I needed! we were in the front and dancing so crazy. and then we went to snoasis. oh man have i missed that place. it reminds me so much of freshman year. 
Saturday was probably the best day of the semester. My fhe bro/hubby has a boat and he got to bring it down for the weekend! it was so fun!! I love my fhe bros!! i feel like i have already known them forever. gosh we were so hyper i hope we didn't scare some of them off. dance parties on the dock + watermelon + boating + swimming = a good time ya'll. the water was so cold but it was really refreshing. me and carly went tubing and it was so funny cause carly was freaking out the whole time haha. we are obsessed with our bro leo, he is our gay friend because he has a girlfriend so we can't have him. i love college. i love my roomies. life is great. i made tacos today. they were good. i love our ward. it is huge! our bishop is so cute. it will be a good semester. i mean 3 boys have already gotten my number! but zero have cross your fingers people!! jk i'm not that desperate. peace out boy scout.

September 12, 2013


JERUSALEM?? i'm going to be there this winter? wait what!? is this real life?? So I just had my interview for the Jerusalem Center for near Eastern Studies this morning while I am here in provo. The interview went well and was so easy! At the end of it she said I was officially accepted!!! I didn't know I would find out today!! I was trying so hard not to scream!! I am SO excited!!! i am so grateful for this opportunity. I will be leaving january 7 and coming home April 24! This couldn't be more perfect. Like look how beautiful it is!! I might go a little crazy on pictures...I can't wait for this experience. I am so excited to learn and grow. I will be learing hebrew! how cool is that? It has been a long application process and I am finally done! thank you mom for helping me get all my paper work done! I wouldn't be going without you. another bonus is I don't have to be in the cold winter in rexburg. SCORE. I'm ready to learn about the culture and art. I can't wait to study the old and new testament where Jesus walked. Time to buy long skirts, long tshirts, and lose/long pants!! #feelingblessed
This is a picture of the Jerusalem Center. It is gorgeous. I can't believe I get to go here. I CAN'T WAIT <3

September 10, 2013

goodbye sammamish.

So update on my life this past week. It was my last week in Sammamish, because tomorrow I leave for Provo. I am staying there for two days and then I'm off to Rexburg on Friday.
 Wednesday nights in Sammamish means the farmer's market. I hadn't gone yet this summer and it's one of my favorite parts of summer. So I called up Jill (bffjill) and we took Sarah. We got the usual big donut and honey sticks. Also this delicious shaved ice as seen above. Seriously so good.
 Thursday I spent the whole day writing my missionaries. 8 LETTERS. it took so long but they are worth it. it was kind of fun too. I havent written most of them letters so it was good. and i figure i won't need to write them for another year right? haha. anyways on friday I started to feel sick. my parents took me to my favorite place, lanponi. My parents are the nicest people I know, really. they sure do like to pda though. like stop kissing in front of me! haha it was nice being with my parents without all my siblings.
 Later that night I went to see the One Direction movie with the twins. It was actually really good! i mean they get you hooked, just like the justin bieber movie. kelsey was freaking out the whole time haha. she even clapped at the end #embarrassing
 Sunday we had stake conference. there are 67 missionaries serving from my stake, it's so crazy! also random, so our red suburban who has been through a lot finally broke down on high adventure this summer. It was really sad for my dad. So on sunday he was looking online for suburbans and he found one that was pretty cheap. and so he drove down to look at it and bought it the same day! haha. my dad really wanted a suburban, we need one for boating and skiing. So yeah the car is very nice, it is a 2007 and my family is really excited about it!
 Monday morning my parents left for an alaskan cruise, it was funny because my mom didn't really want to go. So I am now the mom for a couple days. Monday I went to the rootbeer store and chipotle with jillian and we took it to idywood park. the weather was amazing and NO ONE was at the park it was so weird because normally it is crowded. we were there for a while just talking and swimming. i freaking love jillian, she is going to be an amazing missionary. we met some really cute blonde kids there who LOVED us. so we played with them for a while. they were so cute! I then I drove rachel and sarah around and went to the gym. i'm going to miss golds gym. my goal this next semester is to work out at least 3 times a week! if not more! and to eat healthy. later jillian, dakota, and kelsey came over to watch a movie. we said goodbye to jill or 2 years. So sad. I'm going to miss her.
Today kelsey, dakota and I went to sammamish landing for one last goodbye to dakota. It's weird saying goodbye to my missionary friends, but i am definitely used to it now. dakota is a cutie and such a gentleman. I thought he was going to cry saying goodbye to us. presh.

I am so excited for fall semester. I can't wait to live on my own again and to make new friends. It's weird that summer is finally over. I didn't think it was going to ever end. I have been home for 5 months. It was really fun and adventurous that's for sure though. I'm just really excited to start a new chapter in my life and see what this year has to bring :)

September 3, 2013

g+g spoil me.

My grandma and grandpa fisher wanted to do something with me before i leave for school. i really wanted to go to the aquarium and chihuly exhibit this summer and so they took me! yay and for free! it was good but a long day with them. i dont think i have ever been alone with them, at least not for a long time. they are funny thats for sure. they had it all planned out so i just let them handle it. they gave me "back to school" gift. i got scarves and money! and the scarves are actually cute!
so we drove to issaquah to take the bus. we first went to the aquarium. they were feeding the octopus when we got there. it was pretty cool. the animals were so pretty. i love touching the star fish and other animals. i took lots of pictures of course. the seals were new to the aquarium. we got to watch them do a little demonstration. they brought out mirrors but they didnt really react to it...anyways it was fun and then we went to ivars for lunch. we then took a taxi to the seattle center. we then went to the chihuly exhibit. SO COOL.
okay isn't that just beautiful?!?! i loved it!! well i am watching the great gatsby now with kelsey and jillian so i got to go! i love it when i get spoiled!

September 1, 2013

sleepless in seattle.

Okay so a few of my favorite people came to visit seattle this last week!! Brittany, Brian, Tracie, and Will came up from Provo for a week! so I have a lot to catch up on...haha. so bare with me. So first of all i am going to start with last sunday.
Okay so it was mercedes mission farewell last sunday. She is going to Sao Paulo Brazil. She left last wednesday! She is going to be an amazing missionary! Her talk was just perfect. it's a little weird having my girlfriends go on missions now. Like i am used to my guy friends leaving but not the girls! i'm still trying to figure out what the Lord has in stored for me about the mission thing. but anyways, mercedes had a party after and it was so cute!! It was definitely a pinterest party. Her mom is the best party planner. i stayed for like 3 hours just eating and socializing. it was great. it was also hayleys birthday and now she is in paris! I miss them both already!
|| the pink ladies ||
On monday we went rock climbing and it was so fun! i dont remember the name of it...but it was in snoqualmie. It was seriously so cool. I had never been real rock climbing before. Only really the rock wall on our old house. I climbed the hardest section! so i am really proud of myself. tracie did it so i felt like i could do it. There were some hard parts but it was pretty fun and easy! It was really mental too. Just saying to myself that i can do this.
After rock climbing we went to twede's cafe. It's this cute little restaurant that has famous cherry pie, and apparently has a hot wings challenge. My dad asked if will wanted to do it and he said he would! I can't believe it! so crazy! so they give you 6 hot wings one at a time and each one gets harder. just the smell of them, i know i wouldnt be able to do it. so that was entertaining to watch. after that we went to snoqualmie falls! its so beautiful!
that night we went to the mariners game, it was against the rangers and they lost. it was still really fun. we got garlic fries and man they were so good but they made my stomach hurt a lot...just the kids went minus rachel and sarah. it was tons of fun. then we went to kerry park. seattle is truly beautiful.
That night i went to the johns for a woo girl sleepover. hopefully it wasn't the last sleepover. cause i love them. nothing like girl talk and dancing at the gas station on 1 am. we played scum and i was king for most of the time. so boom winner. i love these girls and i am so glad we are still friends after all this time. #woogirlsforlyfe
|| LOL ||
skip to wednesday, because tuesday i slept all day cause i was tired from the sleepover. and then i babysat that night for 6 hours and made $90! they are super rich and live in the highlands! so on wednesday we went boating ALL day. haha for like 8 hours. idk if i have been on the boat that long straight. it was super fun. it wasnt super nice out but we had sun for a little. it was just super fun. when tracie and i were tubing on the flat tube, we bounced off the other tube and i was falling off and my bottoms were falling off, like they were to my knees haha and everyone on the tubes (girls) saw my bum hahahaha. i couldnt get on the tub cause my pants fell off. it was probably the funniest moment in my life hahah. the water was SO smooth ALL day and it was so nice! i have never seen it that flat. wakeboarding was so nice. i am so blessed to have a boat because it really is my favorite activity.
|| my sex appeal: UNCONTROLLABLE [go figure] ||
So thursday was a big day in seattle. just us college students went. we went to pikes first. i love that place. we then went to nordstroms rack and i got a cute ring. and then i got emerald city smoothie. so good gosh dang. we then went to ivars and they ate there. i took lots of pictures of birds obviously haha. we then we to the curiosity shop and walked about the pier. we then took the ferry to bainbridge island. we were halfway there and it starts dumping rain! haha it was crazy but so fun! i actually love rain! we didnt even get off. we just went straight back to seattle. but there isnt anything in bainbridge really anyways without a car. and we didnt have time anyways. so then we went to the seattle center and we wanted to go to emp but then it was closing in 15 mins and it was $20 so it was good we didnt. we just walked around while we waited for my parents to get to the space needle. we went to the top and then had dinner up there. the coolest restaurant i have ever been to! it was my second time up there, the other time was brittanys 18th birthday. it is SO expensive but so good! thank you daddy! then we went home and played ticket to ride and watched sleepless in seattle.
On friday we went to the cougar zoo. it is in issaquah and it is a really nice cute little zoo. it was so nice out. we watched them feed the tigers and it was the coolest thing ever!! i loved it! tigers are my new favorite animal! they are so cute!! i want one! haha. then we watched the bird show. We then went to xxx burger. i love that place so good. i ate way too much though. then the college students and i went to seattle. we went to golden gardens and it was so lovely! i love the beach! it was just so nice putting my toes in the sand. the whole week we were pushing will and tracie together haha it was funny. they both kind of like eachother and i would try to get as many pictures of them together. then we went to gasworks. it was gorgeous. then dad took us out on lake union at night. it is my favorite thing to do. one thing was missing though, david. cause the only times i have done it, i was with david. haha i miss him a lot. anyways lauren lytle and her roommate came, and jared. it was a lovely night. we went to ivars for dinner. you can just drive your boat up next to it. it is really cool. mom made some yummy hot chocolate. it was a fun night. then we watched a movie. 
we stayed up late every night watching a movie haha.
the next day we drove to yakima and went swimming all day. it was great. i love that pool. we played pool games, i felt like a kid again. mom made really good guacamole!! it was so good! grandma looked a little tired, my uncle is driving her crazy. i feel bad. i love my grandma and aunt susie. they are so funny. we had dinner and grandmas yummy pie. then we played pounce and then we drove home. It was such a fun week. i miss having them here already! it was definitely a party!