August 20, 2013

the big rolling turd.

Okay so I can already tell this is going to big a big post. I need to tell you guys about my rv trip to yellowstone! The first stop was Silverwood on Monday! Here's some pictures.                          
|| the best ride!! ||
It was a successful day filled with laughs and screams. The lines were kind of long but it was fine cause we had already been on all the rides before. My favorite ride is aftershock. After the ride you feel so windblown but it is SO fun! I love the wooden roller coasters too. I learned that my parents are getting old and can't ride all the rides anymore. Also learned that I look like a 16 year old because 16 year old boys kept trying to flirt with me. 
The next morning [tuesday] we ate breakfast somewhere in wyoming with my dad's old boss from Portland. It was super yummy food.
Then I drove the RV to Yellowstone which was 3 hours. I got a lot of weird stares. Like why is a blonde teenager driving an RV? It was my first time driving the RV. It was a lot easier than I thought!
We got to Yellowstone finally and met up with brittany and brian. It was so fun having them there! It definitely made the trip better. We looked at geysers and more geysers and more geysers. Then we walked down to a hot spring. It was the coolest thing ever! Some parts of the stream were freezing or boiling hot. It was so weird cause you would be sitting there and one side of your body would be cold and the other would be hot. 
|| someone's tired ||
|| trapped ||
|| lol ||
Wednesday was one of my favorite days! We woke up, looked at some geysers. Then we drove to Old Faithful. Literally we got there and 10 minutes later it went off! It was perfect! We wet to the old hotel and it was SO cool. My parents ran into some people they know [surprise] and I went to the gift shop and I persuaded my dad in buying me a wolf shirt. I love it!! We then went swimming in a swim hole. It was AWESOME. Probably my favorite part of the trip. The water was about 70 degrees and it was warm out so it was perfect. I just love swimming and the water was so clear. There was a current at some parts so you had to stay close to the wall. It was so beautiful. We would swim up to a little waterfall/current and have it push us down. It was SO fun! We were looking at some waterfall and my dad was like look its a bear! and we thought it was from far away but then it wasn't moving and everyone around us thought it was a bear it was so funny. We saw lots of buffalo!! SO cool. I thought one was going to ram our RV cause it looked mad and was so close.
|| that dress. those shoes. ipad. asians. ||
|| gorg ||
|| why is my sister so pretty? ||
So we started Thursday with a hike to a waterfall. A hike down. Meaning like 328 stairs. What goes down must come up. The waterfall was amazing, it was the biggest one I had seen. The hike up was a work out. It was pretty scary actually! Metal stairs on a mountain! It was so cool! We saw some more amazing views. I'm sure we ate. Mom brought some amazing food. Saw lots more bison. We stopped at the valley on our way to the campsite at sunset. It was gorgeous. We then had to take lots of pictures obviously. Ended the day with a nice fire and movie :)
|| am i cool yet? ||
|| rexburg temple ||
|| breaking rules ||

Friday was the day we left Yellowstone, sad. But that means we got to go to the Tetons! They we so beautiful! We went on a mile hike up for a view. We had to take a little boat there. It was way fun. It was a easy beautiful hike. Up higher it was pretty steep though. As we were going down, paul fell and broke his ankle...that wasn't fun. We were basically at the top where it happened. Paul was complaining a lot. [shocker] My dad carried him down on his back the whole way. It took us 4x longer to get down, which kind of sucked but it was fine. I can't believe my dad did it. I would never be able to do that! So I was waiting for them to get down and sarah went to the bottom and she said she saw a bear and her cub! so cool! I'm sad I missed it but then we saw them later up in the trees. Brittany and Brian left and then we went to Jackson Hole. It was such a cute little town. We had pizza cause paul wanted it. It was real good and we had lots of left overs. We went to the gift shop and dad told us girls we good get one thing. I got a wyoming long tshirt. I love it! And then we headed to rexburg to spend the night! We didn't have a reservation anywhere so we thought we might had to stay at walmart #embarrassing. But then we found a campsite. I finally had service so I was on my phone all night. I got lots of emails from David! The best! He is doing super well! It was so weird being back on campus! I'm so excited to go back to school! We drove around and saw cool lakes and stuff! I want to go and take my friends! I also want to try to go to yellowstone for a weekend! It would be so fun!

|| BFF ||
|| andy ||

Saturday we woke up and I showed my family around byui campus. It was so fun showing them around! My mom was surprised on how beautiful the campus was. Then we went to bear world. It has always been my dream to go to bear world ever since I have attended byui. It is on the way to Idaho Falls and I pass it everytime. So basically it was amazing! There was a cool white moose, like 40 bears, wolves, a moose and more. I loved it. A bear hopped onto our car! It was so cool! After the drive was done there is are rides, gift shop and a petting zoo. So I went outside to look at the baby cubs and then I turned around and there was david's brother allen staring at me. But it was a glance and I ran to get my family. I told my mom I saw him and she was like well go talk to him! I was so scared to go up to him. Idk why I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if he would remember me. My dad went up first and tapped his shoulder...trying to be funny. and then i was just like you're david's brother right?? We talked for a little and got a picture together. My mom talked to him for a while and really liked him haha. We went into the petting zoo and I LOVED it. There was a mini deer who I just loved. His name is Andy. He would not stop licking me! Dah i wanna go back! Next thing We drove to idaho falls to meet up with my mom and dads old friend from college at uw. We had lunch with him at Cafe Rio. Oh man did he has some stories from college. My dad hasn't changed. He was just more crazy back then. And can I just say I love cafe rio?? I was SO full the rest of the day. Then we drove 5 hours to Boise to see the Nielsens. They are a funny family. We had yummy dinner and then we went for dessert. pheobe drove the rv and we all crammed in. It was SO funny. We pulled up right in front of the place and we were just laughing like crazy. It was hilarious. 
|| boise temple ||
The next morning [sunday] was the day we drove home. My parents wanted to stop in weiser because our swedish ancestors came from sweden to idaho. We looked a tomb stones and all the kids were complaining. It was hilarious. I have recordings of them complaining and crying. So my parents bought us icecream and food and they were better. We were in ellensburg when we got into a car accident. My mom stopped suddenly because there was traffic. It was sunset and I guess the people behind us could barely see us. So like 15 secs after my mom stopped I felt someone hit the rv. I was in the back and it scared me so much. luckily everyone was okay. So it was there fault, it was two young black guys that hit us. Luckily we could still drive. We got a lot of weird stares. haha so we made signs saying "stop staring at us" and "honk if you think we are crazy". We were hyper and I thought it was hilarious. and then we were making ugly faces at people. Peoples reactions were hilarious haha. I love making people uncomfortable. This week I played SO many card games. Mainly BS, rumy, and a game paul learned at high adventure. We bonded for sure on this trip. It was my favorite RV trip so far. I'm so glad to be home though! ugh i still need to unpack...

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