August 19, 2013

first post.

Okay so here it goes. My attempt to blog. Honestly I never wanted a blog. I thought all mormon girls do it and thought they were dumb. Then I realized I want one for me. I am really bad at writing what happens in my life in my journal. In my journal I keep more personal things. And one bad thing about a journal is that you can't have pictures! Anyone who knows me knows I love pictures.

I want this blog to just show my daily life. My travels, adventures, funny stories, spiritual experiences, just anything. I don't know if I will post it anywhere...maybe eventually. I might fail at blogging, which will probably happen. I'll try to blog as much as I can! I know life will get crazy when I go back to school. I'm sure I will eventually get a photography blog/website.

So a little about myself, i'll try not to bore you. I HATE talking about myself. I'm not super interesting, so that's why this blog will most likely be just for me. I am 19 years old, I love adventure, and obsessed with taking pictures. I love music and I am always looking for new music. Thank you spotify. I go to BYU-Idaho and I love it surprisingly. The campus is beautiful and I love how it is so small and cozy. The spirit there is so strong. The people are amazing there! I have met some of my best friends there! I am majoring in photography. I love it so far. I really want to learn more about this art. I am the second of five kids in my family. I love them so much. I seriously think I have the loudest, funnest and craziest family in this world. Not to brag or anything. I'm so glad I get to spend eternity with them. My life is just amazing and I am so blessed. So here's to the rest of my blogging life! Peace out boy scout!

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  1. "I seriously think I have the loudest, funnest and craziest family in this world." I agree!
    But you ARE super interesting!