April 28, 2018

spring break 2018

Oh heavens knew I needed Spring Break! It was so so fun. Ethan and I drove down on Thursday. It started and we slid off the road....BUT everything was fine!! Ethan and I just stayed at each others houses the whole week. I know we can't stay away from each other...lol young love. I guess i'll jus go day by day what we did. We did chill a lot with family which was way nice.

Friday is a little bit of a blur. It was rainy the first few days. We  helped my mom in the garden. She made her yummy pancakes almost every day. We had lanponi for dinner! yum. We then went to nordstroms rack and shopped.

Saturday we went on a wet hike to twins falls with both of our dads. It was nice to be in the green. We went to teriyaki with Wayne in Auburn. We then just chilled and watched movies at Ethan's house.

Sunday we went to Ethan's ward. It was fun talking to everyone that knew Ethan growing up. Later that night we had dinner at my house with my Aunt and Uncle and their kids. It was way fun. His uncle Grant and Madison also came over. We played in the back yard and play codenames.

Monday Ethan left to hang out with Grant most of the day. I went to the gym with my mom and just did things around the house that I needed to do. We went to Ulta and got make up yay. Ethan came over that night and we watched a movie.

Tuesday we just did some things we needed to do. I can't really remember all we did. We went to value village with Sarah. We then went to the mariners game that night. It was way fun.

Wednesday we went and did the seattle waterfront and pikes place. It was a really nice day out. We met up with Kaitlyn, Alyse, Katie, and Madison. I love going into the city. It was rachels birthday so we had dinner at nordstroms cafe. Ethan's parents came and also grandma and grandpa fisher. We then drove to puyallup for sarahs lacrosse game. We then drove to Ethans house for the night.

Thursday we chilled in the morning and afternoon. Later we then went to the Tulip Festival. It was so nice and pretty. A long drive though. We met up with Paul for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. That night my dad wanted to have my friends over. Haha zander, tori, kaitlyn, alyse, and madison came over. We played pickle ball and hot tubbed. It was fun.

Friday  we went to sammamish cafe with my parents. We then went to snoqualmie falls. it was so pretty. We then went to the outlet mall. We then went to his house and chilled there.

Saturday we went to Longview to see His half brother play basketball and to see his half sister as well. They are so cute. Lily ran to Ethan and started crying. I got to know her really well and love her already. We then went to see his mom and had subway with her. She is really sweet and nice. We then drove back to auburn and dropped off his grandma. Oh yeah his grandma came with us. We then drove to yakima and stayed with grandma and aunt susie. They took us out to a fancy italian restaurant. It was so fun talking to them. Ethan thought they were hilarious. We laughed a lot. 

Then we got up and headed back to rexburg. It was a much needed trip. It was so fun. I love going home. It was fun meeting each others families as well. Now onto my last semester of school!!!

winter 2018

Well this semester has been really great despite that it was winter. I started officially dating Ethan the first week of school and it has been the best decision I have made thus far. I have so much fun with him. We both took the ski class and got season passes to targhee. So we went about 1-2 times every week. It was SO fun. It made my schedule pretty busy. So worth it though. I'm not a professional but I do think I got a lot better at skiing. 

This semester I got to move into the Cedars Women's, they kicked us out of the willows sadly. But this place is super nice. We have hot tubs, hammocks, and a sports court! Ethan moved into the cedars men and ended up being in my ward! I like my ward a lot. My roommates were Kaitlyn, Madison, Kiersten, Alyse, and Kayla. We had a good time together. We played lots of skipbo and watched lots of movies.

For Valentines day I woke up to a knock at the door. Ethan bought me a bouquet of CHICKEN NUGGETS. He is the best boyfriend. He bought me cute succulents and Reese's hearts as well. Oh and He printed pictures of us too. I brought him Chick- Fil-A for lunch. We made healthy fruit/yogurt bowls for dinner. Haha I know random. I then went and cheered him on at his Volley Ball game. I made him and sign. It was a good valentines day.

In February I went to the Killers concert in SLC! Kaitlyn couldn't go anymore so I had to scramble and find someone to go with. Tegan from the MTC went with me and it was so fun! We got really close to the front. It was all my dreams coming true. I also went to Utah for general conference. I went with Ethan and we spent time with family for Easter. Ethan and I tried to get tickets Saturday but just ended up watching it in the tabernacle. We watched the second session outside on the grass. It was so nice. 

We went to Jackson Hole on St. Patricks Day because there was a free Portugal the Man concert. It was so fun. Another artist played before an it was so fun. We got Pizza for dinner beforehand. I love love love concerts. 

My dad came to ski with us during Ethan's birthday. The snow was PERFECT. He took us to Teton Thai which was really good. For Ethan's Birthday we went to Red Robin. It was way fun! 

Something I started dong this semester was volunteering for the special needs Thursday nights. It's callled life skills. And we just do fun things with them and also teach them. It has been so fun getting to know them. They are amazing. For my documentary photography mid term. I took photos of some of them in their houses and it was a really cool experience to get to know them even more. For my final for that class I working on a semester long project with a parter and we photographed and interview working mothers. It was really cool. We made a book of it for our final. 

I got a job too! I work for the Social Media for the bookstore and crossroads. We post a picture and stories every day for their instagrams. We also take pictures of all the produects that the book store sells. It is a really fun and easy going job. I love my coworker Jenelle too. 

The semester consisted of:

- lots of skiing
- playing skipbo
- movies
- arcade
- gravity factory
- bowling
- rooftops
- hammocks
- splunking
- frescos
- sodavine
- birthdays
- rock climbing
- exploring
- cross country skiing to Mesa Falls
- volley ball games
- home made sparklers
- bonfires
- Big Juds
- kiwi loco
- g's dairy
- the hickory
- sledding at sand dunes
- kareoke
- child ivory
- Mac lab
- car washes
- yoga
- car washes
- corn dogs
- life skills