November 27, 2017


hello! this might be a lame post cause i don't really feel like writing but wanted to share photos from my thanksgiving weekend and it was wonderful. I came in on tuesday night and left sunday night. it went by way too fast. We pretty much chilled the whole time it was great. We played games, watched movies, did puzzles, hot tubbed, played pickle ball and ate lots and lots of food. Thanksgiving wasa so fun. We had lots of people over and it was so great to be with family. It was my first thanksgiving at home in a long time since by mission. That's really what I was most thankful for this year, that we were all there. We went and hiked rattlesnake ledge. It rained pretty much every day but not bad. I loved it. Saturday we went to seattle. We went to pikes place and went to din tai fung for dinner. They had amazing dumplings. We also so the ginger bread houses and decorated christmas trees. I just love the city during christmas time.