September 10, 2017


Summer recap 1 2 3 GO.

So yeah summer was pretty amazing. Pretty relaxed. It's kind of hard to some it up. I mainly hung out with ellie, kaitlyn, maddi but mostly my family! It was really precious time being home. I felt like I needed to be home this summer. It was great being with family after not seeing them for so long and I will probably never live at home again. Honestly I didn't really get involved in ysa ward but I went! I suck at making new friends and socializing. Which right now I am in rexburg and starting school tomorrow yikes! Anyways I went on lots of walks with mom, lots of boating, seattle trips, lots of cuddles with fergie, bonfires, movies, hot tubbing, concerts, ice cream, rock climbing, hiking, and lots of night swimming. I went on some trips like Utah twice! First when Brittany had cute little Henry!! I won't go into detail but it was a very special time! I am so excited to be an aunt you have no idea! He is so cute and I am so glad I got to be there! She was in labor for over 24 hours so she ended up having a C section! I also got to see a mission companion that weekend! Sister Suter! We went to waffle love! And then I just went last weekend for his baby blessing! Let's just say tears were shed and it was a very special day for our family. Lots of family was there so it was fun! And I got to see Ellie and go to haley's wedding reception! So we drove to Madris Oregon for the eclipse to be in complete totality!! We drove sunday with the fletchers in our RV. It was a blast with lots of card games. We were in the middle of no where. I felt like we were on mars. The sunset was amazing. Brother Fletcher brought all of his telescopes and we went star gazing and saw venus and also another galaxy!! like what!? On monday at around 10 was the ECLIPSE. can I just say it was life changing??!!?! It was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. It's so hard to describe and no picture does it justice. We of course had the special glasses. We could start feeling it get colder and it got darker. We were playing "total eclipse of a heart" of course. We had a count down and then we could take off our glasses & BAM it was so dark and it was so beautiful and you could see stars!!! it was so crazy!! it was only two minutes long that you could take off your glasses. we all took turns looking in the binoculars and it was so amazing. no words to describe it! I also went to sandpoint at the rands lake house! it had been too long! I love that place so so much. I brought madison and the beesons, flakers and another family was there. It was lots of fun of course! lake life is the best life. On the way home we stopped at silverwood!! so so fun. I had been craving roller coasters my whole mission. I love them. tyler rands tagged along later in the day and he is just the best.

I'm gonna miss summer and seattle but I am excited/nervous/ready for fall semester!! bring it on.