January 7, 2018

winter break

alrighty so time to give a quick update on my winter break. it was a much needed break. i can't believe it's over. it was over 3 weeks! so i cant complain. well to start my break we went to Maui as a family!! oh it was so much fun!! it's been a little while but ill briefly go over what we did each day.

Monday: We woke up and were lazy im pretty sure. Oh wait no we went to the gym. Mom and dad went to the farmers market to get some food. We all then went to the beach and pool which was right by our condo. We stayed in Kihei. our condo was total 80s but had tons of room! We then went to a luau that was really fun. We watched a movie like every night.

Tuesday: In the morning we went surfing!! We were there for a while. At the beginning we saw tons of turtles surfing it was so cute! It was our first time surfing and we went to the beginners area with small waves and it was really shallow so you could walk the whole time which was really nice. But there was coral and rocks on the bottom so we wore water shoes. Sometimes it kind of hurt when you fell but not bad. Anyways surfing was a BLAST. i loved it! it was hard but not too hard. it was definitely a lot easier when someone pushed you into the wave but i was able to do it by myself on the bigger waves which was fun. We just kind of her other instructors what they were teaching others and so i followed it and learned how haha. We then went to a mexican restaurant but i cannot remember the name of it. We when to a beach in kihei and it was really nice. There was some rocks we walked out on and the water was a really pretty blue. We saw a turtle and we were like okay we need to snorkel here! so we got the stuff and snorkeled around the rock. We then went back to the condo and probably swam and hot tubed.

Wednesday: We loved surfing so much that we went again! Paul and mom didn't go though. The first two days were cloudy and so it was on wednesday as well. right as we were ending surfing it started raining which was actually really pretty. We then met up with mom and paul and went to kihei cafe. I had really good french toast with bananas and macadamia nuts. By then it was pretty heavily raining. so we went to costco. 

Thursday: We got up early and went on a raft to snorkel for several hours! It was soooo fun! The water was sooo pretty. It was cloudy in the morning and then got sunny but we didnt have sunscreen so we all got burnt haha. We saw lava rock and lots and lots of pretty fish. We went in a cave as a family and then the waves were coming in really hard all of a sudden and i thought we were all going to die. we went to several different spots. I love the ocean. our last spot was a turtle spot and we saw so so many. on the way back the water was a lot rougher haha and i road on the outside of the raft. so the tube part most of the way. haha and it was verrryyy bumpy and a little scary but so fun. haha i was sore from holding on so tight. it was a blastttttt. it was crazy. and we were blasting music the whole time. oh and we saw two humback whales! that was amazing. The weather was so nice so we were like get us to a beach! We went to big beach and just laid there for a while. I think we then went out to dinner but i cant remember. oh and we got really good shaved ice. we watched the sunset on the beach and it was very pretty.

friday: We got up early and went scuba diving!!! none of us kids are certified so we had an instructor. IT WAS AMAZING. i need to get certified like now. We had instruction for like an hour and then we did two dives!! At first I was a little scared but that quickly went away. It was very easy for the most part. Our instructor was awesome as well. the water wasnt super clear there but i honestly didnt care cause i was still so amazing. We did see lots of fish but what was cool is we saw a HUGE turtle and FOUR manta rays! which is i guess never heard of before in that area so that was really cool! It was really nice weather so we went to kaanapali and lahaina. We went to the Sheraton hotel and swam in their pool and hot tub. we basically snuck in and then the guys said we had to get out haha. It was on the beach and sarah and i jumped off black rock. It was a nice area to swim too. We ate at the sheraton in an outside area. It was nice. They had entertainment too. We then walked around lahaina at night it was very fun. lots of lights and shops along the beach. it was really cute.

Saturday: We woke up early and drove the road to hana. It was really fun and it was definitely my kind of adventure. It was so pretty and SO green. The road to hana is really small and basically on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. We had the best weather as well. We saw rainbow eucalyptus which was pretty cool. We went to a bamboo forest. We saw a lot of waterfalls. We stopped at a icecream shop. Their icecream was made out of coconut milk and it was some of the best icecream I have ever had!! the passionfruit was AMAZING. We went to the black sand beach which was so pretty. we then went to the red sand beach which was also gorgeous. We snorkeled there and laid on the beach for a while. It was closed off and is a clothing optional beach but luckily everyone there was wearing clothes. We drove a lot. We went to the seven pools which was pretty. We then had thai food and drove home.

Sunday: We went to church which was nice. We then went to a really nice beach and the sun was out. I can't remember anything to significant we did. We boogy boarded a bit. We then got ready and took pictures by the beach. It was christmas eve so we went to the candlelight ceremony thing that this nondenominational church put on which was nice. We then went out to eat at a really good restaurant but i cant remember the name. It was my favorite restaurant that we went to though. We then went home and swam and hot tubed and watched a movie. 

Monday: Christmas morning! It didn't feel too much like christmas. We didn't do presents this year but my parents did give us stockings and they brought them to hawaii which was fun. Dad did the tradition and hid them. Mom also made her sticky buns. We hung out for a while. We then went to the beach and it was a PERFECT beach day. I loved it. The water was amazing. We snorkeled and saw SOOOOO many turtles. I don't even know how many. We saw a HUGE one and the two cutest baby turtles. I swam with them for forever. We were at the beach for like 6 hours i think haha. We then went back home and ate dinner and played shuffle board. We swam and hot tubbed. We fly out that night at midnight. It was such a fun trip and we got tan too ;)

The last two weeks I have been home doing who knows what. Haha really though i didn't do or get as much done as i wanted to but that's okay. That always happens for breaks. i hung out with my family a lot. My mom made indian food literally every night hahah. it was really good though. my mom also made a lot of sourdough bread which is so so good. The only friends i really hung out with were ellie and madison. We went to seattle one day, deru market, and saw lots of movies. I did go to the trussels for new years eve which was really fun. We had a little dance party and play code names. Oh and when we got home to seattle we were welcomed with snow which was kind of fun. But i am glad it melted fast haha. New years day we went skiing at stevens pass. It was so fun but SO cold! But i love skiing so much. it has been a long time. Other than that I have been watching a lot of the office, sleeping and hanging out with fergie. I also had a lot of appointments this week which was fun...

But it is the new year which means new natalie! I don't really know if i believe in new years resolutions. I do believe in goals and i did make goals. I wrote them in my journal. I have a really good feeling about this year. I'm ready for it! I think...